My passion for fly fishing and tying flies began over 20 years ago in the basement of a dear friend’s house in Martinsville, VA. From that point on pursuing bass, bluegill, and trout in the local lakes and rivers consumed most of my free time. The pond on my family’s farm became our “playground” and testing facility for new creations from the vise. I would often drive to Roanoke, VA to spend time with the folks at Blue Ridge Fly Fishers always hoping to glean some wisdom from those guys to further my fly tying. All of my flies are tied with premium materials and fish approved.
I’ve made many friends and been fortunate enough to fish some fantastic waters over the last 20 years. I’m looking forward to helping you create some memories as well. Enough about me, let’s go fishing!!!

*** Don’t see what you want? Shoot me an email. I enjoy tweaking patterns for specific purposes. Want a pattern on a specific hook or maybe to better imitate specific forage found in your area? The customization options are virtually limitless and I’m happy to build them into the flies I tie for you. I want to create flies that you are excited about getting out on the water, so feel free to email me with any questions or requests.